Why You Need Us
Outsourcing is big these days, and with good reason. Actually, with good "many reasons;" including the fact that hiring people who specialize in what you need actually saves you time, money, and ensures a successful event.

Meetings, events, and incentives are our business. Just as we wouldn't know all the intricate "ins and outs" of your job, you might not know the techniques, procedures, and tricks of our trade. Here are the basic, no-kidding, bottom-line reasons to hire the professionals at Global Gatherings:

We Save You Money

As experienced negotiators, we know just how much bang we can get for your buck. We have ways of saving our clients money that they couldn't do on their own.

They say "It's not what you know, it's who you know"...

But in our business, it's both of these things. We are well networked and have well-established strategic alliances and relationships with countless contacts in the industry. We use these relationships to your benefit to get our clients the best rates possible; whether dealing with hotels, transportation and airline companies, or vendors.

With an experienced team negotiating contracts on your behalf, we can save you thousands of dollars before you ever sign a single contract.

We Save You Time

We have hundreds of contacts in the business and we know exactly where to go, whether you need cutting-edge innovation or just plain old good value. For example, you don't have the time to compare who has the best prices for printing your company logo on a Cross pen or Ogio backpack for a give-away, but we already know.

With our "one-stop-shopping"... you don't have to spend precious time searching and researching and making all the pieces fit together. We do all that for you.

If "time is money", then by saving you time we've already saved you money.

We Make Each Event an Original

After talking with you and learning your vision for your event, our team puts on their creative thinking caps and works with you to brainstorm a unique and powerful program that effectively conveys your message.

And if you have no idea what you want, that's ok too. We've seen it all - and then some - and can work any theme into your budget.

We Create Seamless Events

What does this mean? At Global Gatherings, every single detail is important on a global scale... We are with you from the conceptual planning on through to the very end.

  • Your Account Executive at Global Gatherings will be with you every step of the way, to ensure that everything he or she promised you is delivered. This is a major piece of customer service that we hold to our standard of accountability; you'll never be "passed off" between staff!

  • On-site management: At each event, Global Gatherings provides experienced, dedicated staff to manage the on-site logistics and coordinate every detail; your Account Executive will be available to assist on-site as well. The entire staff works together so all your attendees see is a perfectly run, smooth, seamless event.

  • No meeting is too small to be overlooked in importance to GG. Everyone from AEs to Onsite Team Members to Company principals will be onsite to ensure your event runs seamlessly...

Please fill out our online Request for Information and a Meeting Specialist will contact you!


Sunday 20th of October 2019


• Hotel site selection (domestic & international)

• Hotel, venue, travel and transportation negotiations

• Full-service global meeting management

• Creative program design

• Hotel/property coordination

• Participant registration

• Air and ground transportation

• Professional on-site coordination and staffing

• Participant database design and management

• Toll-free participant hotline access

• Production and audiovisual support

• Speaker selection

• On-site security

• Meeting space assignment and function set-up

• Food and beverage

• Signage

• Entertainment

• Guest amenities

• Giveaways

• On-site activities

• Shipping services

• Printing services

• Post-program

• Billing & ROI reporting